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Texight 3.0 Event Description

TeXight is an Initiative Created and Organized by IEEE PES Helwan Student Chapter that aims to Tackle Power & Energy Problems that face our Community.This Year (TeXight 3.0) faces an escape room, competition in which players work together to solve UNKNOWN puzzles using clues in a limited time interval to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within each room. Participants will use the power of knowledge as the competition depends on scientific topics ( Renewable energy field, smart building field automation field, electrical design field )
By going through 4 Tracks , you will Tackle Multiply Real Problems. So Be Ready!

Event phases


-Duration:  From 23/1/2018 to 17/4/2018

-Sessions system:
 sessions : sessions divided into three Tracks (Solar/Mechanical/control)
 Every track have number of sessions:

Solar:3   Mechanical:3    Control:4

-Tracks Content:
– Energy (definition – forms – resources)     – Fundamentals
– Solar energy  – Photovoltaic system
– Types of energy storage (on grid – off grid – hybrid)
– PV simulation software.     -Steps of design.
-Solar tracking.
2) Mechanical:
 Kinds of materials used.      Aerodynamics cars.     Design by Solidworks.     Manufacturing process.    Components used (DC motors & wheels).   Stresses on car frame.    Pumps.
3) Control:
Arduino / The Arduino Eco System 


After sessions the workshops phase had started, at this point each team start to make the car design and a presentation about the project.


A Car with a water pump which is powered by solar energy. and the competition race is which team deliver water faster using solar energy. A Car with a Pump, Powered by Solar Energy, Racing and Performing 3 Tasks.
Task#1: Pumping Water from One Side to Another, Underground to High Stage.
Task#2: Pumping Water from 2 Areas, Underground to a Remote Place.
Task#3: X Task!! To face the Unknown. A Task Consist of 3 Phases with the Same Requirements of the Previous Tasks. Before the competition, You Will Pass through 3 Tracks of sessions on; Control System, Solar System and Mechanical System, Organized to Insure your Facilities to Tackle this Problem.