the British University in Egypt

NO. of Participants


15/3/2019 to 17/3/2019

Modifier 3.0 Event Description

It is related to all technological advancements around us and helps us to create our communication society faster by training and teaching our participants.

Event phases


Workshops that were held in several fields like embedded system, game development, block-chain & crypto-currency, competitive programming, and other eye-opening workshops. The aim for this stage is to help our participants to enhance their knowledge in Competition categories.


Nine talks in several technological fields which are presented by remarkable instructors in these fields..


the participants will compete by creating a project that will benefit in solving problems of humanity, and it will be held for 24 Hours. And the aim for the second stage is to give idols as a bright example for our participants to help them through their way of knowledge. And the Last step for this event is the competition as they would be able to compete after gaining the required knowledge.