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International Women’s day

We know that Women can do anything if they want it. They have technical and non-technical skills, and they have an independent personality. Because they know that the power they have is to become the best version of themselves, so we are going to help you to start-up your career and find your own gift to reach your infinity with this event.

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The seminar includes inspirational talks by our professional speakers and doctors telling you their stories and how to start your journey as:
1) DR. Azza Barakat: Former chancellor of Faculty of Engineering Helwan and now professor at mechanical department.
2) DR. Nancy Mostafa associate professor at biomedical department.
3) DR. Vidan Fathi biomedical department.
4) Nada Ali Founder of Vetro Mosaic
5) Yasmin Ezzat co-founder of troshe
6) Sara El-Deberky Founder of Institute Of Trainers
7) Marina Samy Founder of Wazo


The workshops were technical and non-technical workshops like graphic designing, crochet, project, and time management. Workshops were:
1) Management skills workshop.
2) Crochet workshops.
3) Graphic designing.
Workshops were held at Planet Co-working space at 22/3/2019