Texight 1.0

This was the first year for Texight competition. The aim of the event was to tackle power and electrical problems that faces us and that is its aim till now.
The theme of the event was to fight the problem of lack electricity to power pumps of water that is needed for the agricultural lands so the competition was to make a ‘‘Solar pumping car’’ which is a car with a water pump designed to supply farmlands with water using solar energy.
The event was made at Helwan University stadium with the participation of 8 teams.

Auxilio 2.0

This was the second year of Auxilio. The aim of Auxilio that year was introducing Egypt to a new field which is Robot Operating System (ROS) which is the basic core of robotics and so, RAS chapter at IEEE Helwan Student Branch aimed to spread the knowledge of that important field.
The theme of the competition that year was (Robots at the Factory), it aimed to replace human workers by robots on the production lines of substances that is dangerous on their health and at the same time speeds up the process and efficiency. The required from the teams was to build a manual controlled robot arm and an automatic controlled forklift robot to collect products from the production line and pack it. Teams would have to race to pack a certain number
of boxes in a certain time from the production line and push the stop button which will stop the production line. The Faster team would win.

WIE juniors

JP Camp Juniors day event to highlight it’s never too early phrase and to inspire and encourage juniors to start to determine their hobby and discover themselves , beside learning them non-technical tools they need in this stage as (time management – negotiation skills – decision making – vision and goals – activities)
A partnership between WIE IEEE Helwan SB – Affinity Group & TOTTYAA (an organization which helps juniors and it’s about team of 3 different universities (Naval academy-BUE-AUC). The event purpose is to increase awareness of junior students about how to know what they good at and what they have passion for .and the importance of this topic comes from all career shift cases which fresh graduates faces after graduation when they discover that they dislike this job or this study.
The topics of the speeches:
a) Intro about Gap year
b) Time Management
c) Leadership
The Event was at the Zewail city for science and technology at 6th October district.


If you really want to decrease the gap between you as an undergraduate and the real-life work and that’s what we are aiming for, by presenting to you is several internships in several fields to gain the most desired knowledge and experience.
The main purpose of the event is to reduce the gap between students and the labour market and to share the practical experience by making workshops, trainings at leading companies and seminars in the different fields.
This season the event will target different engineering departments.
We manage to deal with companies like :
For communication dep SYSTEL company, training wireless communication.
For computer dep big data work shop.
For Biomedical dep SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS, training medical image.
For Electric power dep:
a) SIEMENS ELECTRIC, training Energy management &Power Generation.
b) 3 BROTHERS, training Lighting system.
For Mechanical dep El Sewedy, training manufacturing site

Modifier 2.0

It was the second year for modifier event, it is a technological event about new technological updates where geeks and interested people would gather and get to know about the latest updates and make their ideas become real.
The event included talks presented by successful pioneers

Digital Reality (AR-VR-MR), presented by Ahmed Fawzy who is a software engineer, CEO of AN games studios

Cyber Security, presented by Hisham el Zoghby who is a Cyber security Engineer, Network Security Engineer, Operations Specialist at Cyber Talents, Security Specialist at CompuMe – Egypt , IT Staff at Horizon CT., Customer Service Representative at Vodafone .

Marketing and business, presented by Mina Shenoda who is a growth & marketing manager at Eventtus and CEO & Founder at El Makana

Modifier 2.0

After the talks, camps were made in:
a) 3D Modelling and texturing concept with Autodesk Maya.
b) Basic 3D animation, posing and moving a character.
c) Exploring android way.
d) A journey to VR.
e) It’s all about data.
f) Intro to Ethical Hacking.
g) Advanced Embedded Systems.
h) Competitive Programing.
The offline event was in Faculty of Engineering Helwan University.
The Online event was in the Greek Campus Down town Cairo.