It was the first season for PES chapter at the IEEE Helwan Student branch, it aimed to teach engineering students the principals of a solar quadcopter which was a breakthrough back at that time and is useful
in a wide range of applications as surveillance, search and rescue, cheaper transportation, and even traffic management. So, participants were introduced to how to build a solar quadcopter through three phases:
a) Mechanical.
b) Control.
c) Solar.
The competition was a race that tested the quadcopter’s abilities, tricks, durability and the using of solar energy.

Auxilio 1.0

It was the first year of Auxilio. Robotics and Automation society is a professional technical society that supports the development of scientific knowledge in fields of robotics and automation. We at RAS-HSB aim to cope with the use of robotics application in our daily life and make our participants engage with these applications, this happens by us providing sessions, workshops in principles of robotics, programming, automation and a competition with an issue from the real world that humans couldn’t help in but with help of robots.
The Competition was to make a line Tracker Robot that follows the path the teams would compete and the faster robot wins

Techventure 2.0

It was the second year for Techventure event after the breakthrough and the great success of Techventure 1.0. In cooperation with ITWORX [ the largest corporation of software solutions in the middle east ] as our sponsor IEEE Helwan Student Branch had 4 workshops that year which were:
1) 1-Open Source Workshop
Open source software is made available for everyone to use or modify, as its source code is made available and based on a share-alike principle. It promotes learning and understanding through the dissemination of understanding Examples of popular open source software products include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chromium.
2) Testing Automation Workshop Software testing as a part of overall quality of a software has accounts around 50% of development efforts in software development practice. Test automation is now becoming an important part of software testing practice, and it’s trending everywhere
3) User Interface Development Workshop
In this training we will take a deeper look at front-end design and development. Simply you will get to know the latest trends for any intermediate developer looking to round out their front-end skills.
4) Web design work shop
This workshop will cover basic concepts and clarify the differences between: User experience (UX), User interface (UI).

Modifier 1.0

It was the first year for Modifier event in Helwan student branch and one of its unique ones. It’s related to all technological advancements around us and helps us to create our communication society faster by training and teaching our participants.
The event was introducing some relatively new kind of information as:
a) Computer programming.
b) Web development.
c) Game development.
In each track the participant learn from the basics until reaching advanced level.