It was an event made with its core is self-learning, which is an effective method towards the human progress, that saves money and time for many
youth around the world, offers very good materials for them and create a very big community of sharing knowledge and experience.

That year, Self-learning had taken a part along with our workshops, as a step to achieve our goal to use the most effective ways to make the best results. The workshops that year were:
a) CCNA.
b) Innovation.
c) Control and automation.
d) Electronics & Arduino.
e) Distribution system.
f) Embedded System.
g) Project Management.
h) Game Development.


It was the first year of Techventure event at IEEE Helwan Student
Branch, sessions were in three tracks which were:
a) Web development.
b) Mobile application development.
c) Graphic design.
By the Help and the sponsorship of ITWORX the largest corporation for
software solutions in the Middle East. The Event lasted for 5 days. There
were 3 sessions for each track and all feedbacks were positive which
made it clear that we were on the right path.


As one of WIE’s Vision and goals we thought how to improve female students’ skills and help them to achieve their goals and to know more
about engineering filed. So, we choose school to give prep stage students some sessions about programming and math and telescoping.
Goals of the project were to reach school girls to empower them to discover their career and know more about WIE, Engineering field and
prove that any girl can achieve her dreams. Given some sessions from by team of moderators from WIE to inspire and make girls be interested in these fields: Math, software, engineering system, solar power, and experience exchange between graduates and school girls through organizing a panel discussion
Sessions were given in the following topics:
a) Have fun with animation (scratch): The objectives of this topic
were to:
1. Learn how software engineers develop computer games.
2. Learn about the process of product re-engineering.
b) Reach the stars (telescope): The objectives of this topic were to:
1. Learn about engineering design and redesign.
2. Learn about periscopes and optical devices.
c) Here comes the sun (solar Power): The objectives of this topic were to:
1. Students learn about solar power and solar panel design and operation.
2. Students learn about how calculators work and how the product is comprised of many different component parts.
d) How I think (Math): The objectives of this topic were to:
1. Students learn about history of Math.
2. Students learn about how to use math in their life.